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JFK, Donkey-Riding Senators, Insurance, Depositions, Damages, Returning to Work and Finding a Lawyer: Blog Post Highlights

Posted November 23, 2022

By Jonathan A. Karon

I’ve been posting to the Karon Law blog since 2017. The posts are on a wide variety of topics including personal injury law, trial practice, legal news, safety, and medicine (particularly traumatic brain injuries) All of the blog posts are still available in the blog archive, which you can access by clicking on “blog” at the top of the home page and then clicking on “SEE THE BLOG ARCHIVE” on the lower right hand side. But there are a lot and frankly some are more useful or interesting than others. So, here’s some past blog highlights (with my all time favorite blog posts discussed at the end).

What is Underinsurance Coverage and Why Do You Need it?” is one of my most important posts. Everyone should make sure they purchase this essential, but optional, auto insurance coverage so they are protected against reckless drivers with minimal liability insurance. The post explains what the coverage is and why you absolutely need it.

How to Find a Good Lawyer” suggests ways to find a good lawyer in any area of practice. The answer is not, by the way, call me, although I’m always happy to help my clients if they’re looking for a lawyer in a different area of practice.

A Good Lawyer Will Admit at the First Meeting They Don’t Know What Your Case is Worth” explains why it’s usually impossible for me to answer that question when I first meet a potential client and why you should be skeptical of any lawyer who claims they can tell you. By the way, I and other good lawyers will, of course, eventually be able to advise you on the reasonable settlement value of your case, but it will take some time before they have enough information to do so.

“How do Depositions Work?” is a brief explanation of how the process works and why lawyers take depositions.

What Type of Damages Can You Get in a Personal Injury Case?” summarizes the losses juries are allowed to compensate for.

The blog post “Will it Hurt My Case if I Go Back to Work?” answers the question with a resounding “No” and explains why going back to work, if you’re physically able to, is one of the best things you can do to help your case.

Finally, my absolute favorite Karon Law blog posts were “JFK and the Donkey -Riding Senator” and “JFK and the Donkey- Riding Senator Part 2″ which tell the story of how President Kennedy was a defendant in a personal injury case brought by a Mississippi politician nick-named “the Donkey-Riding Senator” who claimed his injuries prevented him from being able to ride a donkey. If you want to know how the case was resolved or why the plaintiff was known as “the Donkey-Riding Senator” you’ll just have to read the posts.

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