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Does Anyone Want to Meet in Person?

Posted November 12, 2022

By Jonathan A. Karon

Since COVID I’ve only met with two clients in person.   I’m not scared to meet clients face to face and I don’t think any of my clients are scared to meet with me.  It’s just that we’ve become accustomed to working remotely and the convenience of Zoom. Of the two clients I’ve met in person, one needed to prepare for his trial testimony and the other understandably just wanted to meet his lawyer in person.  The rest of my clients have been happy to just do Zoom, phone calls and e-mail.  This is radically different from the pre-COVID world.

In those “before times”, I always scheduled an in person meeting with prospective clients (unless there was a significant logistical issue) as I thought it was important that we meet each other before deciding if I was a good fit. Zoom has dramatically changed the practice of law.  Not just client meetings but court hearings, depositions, mediations and video expert testimony are all being conducted on Zoom.  Some of this is better, some is worse and some is just different.  I’ve had the strange feeling of sitting in my office, in my suit, on Zoom, for a hearing at a court that was literally across the street.  A few weeks ago I was in court, in person, for a motion hearing and it felt great to be back. (Before that, my last post-COVID in person appearance was for a trial).  

  Zoom is a great tool, but I wonder if we don’t lose something in the virtual world.  Sometimes I work remotely but I also like coming to my office.  If you’re thinking of hiring me and you’d like to meet in person, I’m happy to schedule that.  It’s your decision.  

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